CalendaRoad (Desk Calendar)


AUDIO LAB DESIGN has many years of experience in desk calendar design and production. It has its own printing plant. It provides monthly calendars, annual calendars, desk calendars, wall calendars, etc., with quality assurance, and all sizes and quantities can be ordered. Although electronic calendars are very common nowadays, on special occasions, to present thoughtful souvenirs to their esteemed customers, desk calendars are still one of the popular gifts for customers. AUDIO LAB DESIGN provides a number of customized table calendars in different sizes, designs, styles and colors. Allow customers to choose their ideal desk calendar.

On the other hand, Pages of a calendar can convey company values, its positioning. If well made, this print material will get worth a golden pen. That means you ‘ve managed to fulfill your main purpose – you’ve set up an emotional contact and got a feedback from your target audience. Your company’s image will linger in their mind all year round.